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I downloaded the trial version of F-Secure 2012 Antivirus to do some beta testing. And come to know that the F-Secure 2012 Antivirus did not support of Scanning viruses in Windows Safe Mode.


I strongly suggesting F-Secure to include support of such features to do viruses scanning in Windows Safe Mode. As it is a mission critical task to eradicate viruses in Windows Safe Mode.


As a general feedback, F-Secure 2012 Antivirus should have the ability to send Viruses Samples to the SAS Team for analysis.



  • keiooz
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    Where can I download the trial version of the 2012 Antivirus?

  • Rusli
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    You can download the trial version of F-Secure 2012 Antivirus from the main home page of F-Secure.

    Then click or select Protection (from www.f-secure page), and you will see a pop menu that will show you a list of F-Secure products, and select the one which you want to download. (You will see "Try for Free", and it can only be use for 30 days only)


    For instance, you wanted to download the F-Secure Internet Security, Goto the Main Page of then select 

    Protection, a Product Menu will come out and select the product F-Secure Internet Security, And click on "Try  for Free".


    Now, once you click "Try for Free", f-secure will direct you to another page,click on Button "Begin Trial"and then  it will ask you to fill up your particulars like your name and email address. Once you fill that up. You need to wait for the email response from  f-secure that it will send you.


    For instance you will go this link:- (click the Button "Begin Trial" and Fill up your Particulars and wait for F-Secure Email)


    For F-SECURE 2012 Internet Security Trial:-


    For F-Secure 2012 Antivirus Trial:-


    F-Secure also have other product trials,such as F-SECURE Mobile or if you have a Apple Mac Computer, you can try F-Secure for Mac Antivirus.


    All Product Trials are lasted for 30 days only. After which if you intend to buy the product, you can make a purchase online (inorder to get a registration key). Or Buy a F-Secure Box Retail version from the F-Secure Authorise computer retail store near you (if they have any).


    Once you wait for an Email reply from F-Secure. Click the Download button to download the F-Secure 2012 Antivirus software.


    If you have other AntiVirus software, you will have to remove it before installing F-Secure 2012 Antivirus software.


    During installation process you need to be Online.( The downloading and installation process will take place. )


    Update your F-Secure AntiVirus software. To get the latest updates.


    Then click on Scan. Select Full Scan.


    And you are ready to go. 


    Get yourself Familarise with the settings.


    F-SECURE is so EASY to use.


    Try it now!!!


    Click on the Kudos Blue Button below once you read the message.(Problem Solved)


    Thank you. 


  • Janiashvili
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    Rusli kudos button doesn't mean "problem solved", problem to be solved you should press "Accept as Solution"
  • wildrex7

    i have filled this out 3 times still havent got a email with link or code.

  • Rusli
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    While Fill up the form. Did you enable your web browser cookies???


    Yeah... I did get their reply abit late. Be patient it will take a while.


    The process are done by their Server end.


    It's not done by human.



  • wildrex7

    thanks linked worked

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