What happened to Ultralight AV since January




It's been a long time since I tried ULAV,  it was looking like a promising product but...


I recently decided to give it another try, but I'm missing a looooot of information. Can someone tell me what's new since January?







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    it's not a priority in the development chain, I've read here FS Protection is the priority and the team keeps on working on it when they have spare time.

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    Sorry for my reply.

    Probably someone from F-Secure ULAV team can to answer there, but I can to think about next things (as my experience with F-Secure ULAV and using it):


    -> There was some (many) trouble-fixes. Include some variants for BSODs and some of other critical situations for normal stable solutions. Probably it was most of "things", which can be with changes. Such as "stability"-improving (?) and quality of solution.


    -> Another point can be about "global" meaning for engines, platforms and other technologies. It's can be partly related with FS Protection and other solutions by F-Secure.

    But there was improvings for Scanner platform as module probably, engines, backside and other related things.


    About features... there also was some of "interesting" ones:


    --> For example.. some kind of Banking Protection.

    When you goes to visit any (should be marked as banking/related-pages under Security Cloud) pages with HTTPS about banking/shopping... Will be triggered Banking Protection.

    After that.... any of "suspicious" (or simply destinations, which not allowed by Security Cloud as known trusted) connections will be prevented. Information about it goes be as pop-up and some kind of statistics (time for banking sessions, number of blocked connections and list of them under All-part of UI).

    There was some improvings too. But I not really friendly with something about "critical" experience of use Banking Protection by F-Secure ULAV. But it was OK.


    --> Multi-events for URLs blocked goes to be under one entry/string (for normal ones, but not for any of notifications. Maybe it was fixed already... I not check it recently and troubles was many months ago).

    It's very helpful.. when you have situation... when one of URL goes to be blocked too much often.

    Previously it was different notifications.. now it will be as one entry and with information about "NUMBER OF blocked attempts" and "time-point about latest one block-action".


    --> Probably it was not dropped.... and still can be valid feature.....

    After some of changes...  Cloud-scanning process goes to be with "scan"-trigger for .js-files.

    Such as during visit web-pages and other related things.... .js-files (and some of other file-types with casual solutions can be ignored) goes be scanned and as result with slow connection it's will be visible (delay between load and start using web-page).

    But commonly... it's can be interesting point.


    Maybe something else... but I forget it already. Such as... feature about "copy text-information" from malicious-web-page block-notification and related situations. Probably from first.. it was dropped, but feature very helpful. Previously it was required to use workaround for get normal URL or destination. Now it's... simply can be just copied by button under UI (but not for all notifications.. for most of them.. and maybe just BP-ones with default original view).


    How it was recently under another topic....  most of dreams was about 32bit version of F-Secure ULAV.

    And F-Secure ULAV team created a reply... that it's can be "coming soon" already.


    Sorry for my reply again.



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    Good to hear that the project is still alive, would be INCREDIBLE to have the final version released sometime in the future.
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    Hello AlexBK,


    Here is some more fresh news on that front.

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