Illegal Leak By Your Employee In Japan

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One of your Japanese employee leaked customers personal information (like real name or home adress) because of his political view.  He belongs to the newly created anti-government activists group  called "SEALs (not the U.S. military one)",  and currently is threating other people like "If you guys keep having those conservative view, then the 'industry' would do the same things as I did".


Japanese F-secure said that it was that paticular employee's fault and there's nothing to do with the company. But some press reported that SEALs has connections more than his with your company and the top of Japanese branch escaped. The rumor's widely spread in Japan and I don't know what to believe.


Looks like your company's now involved in handling "My Number System", new Japanese identification system. Because of its extreme sensitivity, it's now seriously not laughing matter for every single person in Japan.


What is the truth about all these things?

In what way do you plan to you take responsibility for this cource of events?

Is there any possibility that you can leak those personal information more? Any vulnability?

What about "My Number System"?


These things are still not on TV new or something like that. But because of its sensational nature, it became the hottest topic on Japanese internet. I wish you take immidiate response.




Taro Yamada.




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    Hello Norisan,


    please refer to our official statement here.


    "F-Secure has conducted an internal enquiry after it had come to our attention that an employee at the Tokyo subsidiary office of F‑Secure has used personal social media in an inappropriate manner. Today, the employee in question has decided to resign effective immediately. While we fully respect our employees' inherent rights to privacy and free speech, it is critical that such activities both follow local law and comply with our own strict employee code of conduct. We will always fully cooperate with local law enforcement on any legal matters that arise out of this or any other investigation.


    Our internal enquiry found that this incident was not connected to F-Secure's services or data in any way. There is neither evidence of a leak of personal information or customer data from F‑Secure, nor did the employee have access to critical systems operated by F‑Secure. Also, F‑Secure's products and services were not enabling the employee to gather personal data.


    We offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or concern caused.


    For further questions, please send an email to pr(at)"

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    Thanks for the quick reply and apology!

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