Windows Slow IE9 freezes etc F-Secure 2012 slowing blocking Windows


Internet Explorer 9 slow, tabs very slow or freeze, loading windows help and support very slow, microsoft help executable slow or freezes, Windows Media Center Slow and tv Guide unable to connect to internet.


I recently upgraded to F-Secure 2012 which removed Malawarebytes as it was installed. Starting January 2012 my Internet explorer IE9 has become very slow to start and open new tabs.  Now windows help is slow, program help files are slow to freezing up.   These programs all work fine in Safe Mode with F-Secure inactive (per msconfig) But problems continued when I restarted normally.


I have shut off sections of F-Secure including the Firewall, Application Control, Deep Guard, Real Time, Instrusion prevention, browsing protection, email, etc.  But the problem persisted.  When I reboot in Safe Mode with F-Secure Unloaded Windows loaded Faster.  IE9, program help files HTML Help Exectuable, and Window Help and Support ran fast as normal.


I believe when F-Secure 2012 it made changes that have slowed Windows down (I have not figured out what, yet). Any help would be appreciated on how to resolve these issues. All my 2011 Application control allow wer gone, so I have been rebuilding that list.


Any Help or Guidence would be appreciate; Prime.


  • keiooz
    keiooz Posts: 32 Observer

    Have you tried restoring everything you did and see if the problem might be coming from the thing you did which is you upgraded?

  • Prime
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    Ki Keiooz, Thanks for writing;


    If you mean by restoring as in restoring the services in msconfig during Safe Boot to see what services might be causing the slowdown freezing up of IE9 etc.  Yes I have done that, which is why I'm pretty sure it has something to do with F-Secure.


    Specifically  F-Secure services called;


    1)  FSGKHS

    2)  F-Secure Anti-Virus Firewall Dameon

    3)  F-Secure Management Agent

    4)  F-Secure ORSP Client


    I have two F-Secure startup programs;


    1)  F-Secure Try & Buy Utility [whatever that might be]


    2)  F-Secure Management Agent



    I didn't narrow it down further because all the F-Secure programs might be interconnected.  But I'm mostly confident the problems has something to do with the relationship between F-Secure and Windows. But I'm open to other possible problems and solutions.



  • alicesmith

    Though ie9 is the the latest version of Internet explorer but many people are experiencing ie9 slow performance. In this case they could speed the performance by deleting the junk files or cleaning up windows registry or the may use a professional tool to enhance ie9 performance.


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Prime,


    Can you try to load the IE9 using without Add-ons ? Click on Start --> Search Programs and Files --> Type Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). See how it goes..


    Also try to clear the cache as well for the Internet Explorer.


    If it still freezing, you can try to turn off Virus and Spware Scanning or Deepguard under Computer Security settings to see which component is causing the problem.


    Also, you can try to add the Internet Explorer under Application Control setting.


    Best Regards,





  • Prime
    Prime Posts: 5

    Re: Windows Slow IE9 freezes etc F-Secure 2012 slowing blocking Windows



    I want to thank everyone who responded and tried to help out.  I have tried all the solutions posted, and finally resolved the problem.  I completely uninstalled Internet Explorer 9  which then rolled back to Internet Explorer 8 (which does work).  Then I installed Firefox and I have been using that program successfully without any problems.


    I want to thank those that responded;





    If I install Internet Explorer 9 again (or 10 when it is released) I'm sure I will be back.

  • mitch
    mitch Posts: 1

    I am having the same problem. Everything works fine when I use IE10 (no-add-ons) on my windows7, but things slow to a crawl when I use the normal IE10. When I use IE10 (no add-ons) I manage the add-ons by enabling the F-Secure items, but I am not sure if they are operating, but the speed is normal. I can not use the browsing protection toolbar in the no add-ons mode, even though I enable it with manage add-ons. I like the IE10, but use Chrome for most of my internet work just to make sure my ie protection is working. THNX.

  • Hemuli

    Interestingly - seems like this tread is touching the same issue I have faced:


    Context: An old Win Vista Business 32bit reinstalled into the laptop and IE9 works fine. After uninstalling the Avast virus scanner first  (that was in the image) and the installing the F-Secure virus scanner trial version. Then I bought F-secure internet security 2011 package and used the unused license key. Result - I could not acivate the F-secure's firewall. I had to install the F-secure again. End result - the F-secure corrupted somehow the computer that none of the web browsers work.


    Then I used the Windows own tool to return the OS back to the situation right after starting the computer after installing the image.


    Then  I installed the F-Secure Internet Security from the original CD - and now the F-secure's firewall works and the computer seems to work BUT BUT:


    IE9 is very slow - it shows the www-page, but then thinks about 30 seconds prior populating the www-on the screen properly. All other browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome works perfecly - all are fast and precise in their operation.


    I tried the Microsoft's Fix-It tools to clean IE9 back to work - but no help. All the local network addressess like the router works fine with IE. But all the www-pages works slow.


    I uninstalled the IE) - went back to IE8 - no help. I rolled in all the Windows fixes/updates on IE8. No help. I upgraded back to IE9. No help. All other browsers works fine, but not the IE.


    I have opened the Firewall for windows netoworking and printer sharing in the F-Secure's firewall...


    I'm completely lost now...



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