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Long time contented PC user of F-Secure Security.

Windows 7, 8.1 and 10....all with latest Internet Explorer.

Everything always up to date!


Do I need F-Secure Search???


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    Hi EJB,


    F-Secure Search adds a clear website safety ratings to all your search results by letting you know which sites are safe to visit and which to avoid even before you click a link. It is useful especially when you do search using google and to see the results of your search before you even click the link.


    You may find more information about the F-Secure Search here and here.

  • EJB
    EJB Posts: 46 Contributor

    Thanks for your comments.

    I have read all the 'What is F-Secure Search' comments on the net but my question really should be:-

    How does it affect ...a. What I see on screen.

                                              b. Is it simply another small layer of security that may, or may not, interfere with other operations.

    I don't normally load extra programmes/additions for the sake of it.

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