can someone please help me, trying to renew my subscription is sending me round the bend. I have tried to renew since I had the reminders come up on the screen but no luck. I contacted F-SECURE through their chat facility but got nowhere.I have since managed to pay my subscription today 07/11/2015 the money has been taken from my account but it still says that my subscription has exoired.


  • You are NOT providing a successful Key Renewal Process. I have just bought a new SAFE product because you forced me to to so just to get 'new customer discount' ( I am an existing customer of about 7 years) rather than renew a new subscription Key. You telephone operator told me how to generate a secind key for my second device (as I purchased licences for 3 devices) but IT DOES NOT WORK, saying 'This subscription Key belongs to another user'. I need you to contact me immediately, in fact please get a senior manager to contact me immediately as that is what it took 2 years ago to get your product to work and for me to get any service from you.
  • Best of luck. I renewed on 5th Novemeber and I am unable to use the key in my second device and F-Secure don't have a procss that works, despite the fact that bought a license for three machines. I cant start a bew thread on thsi community either. Something is seriously wrong with F-Secure I think.
  • Laksh
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    Hi jezzak,


    Sorry to hear about your renewal issue with the SAFE. I have notified about your post to our support team so that they can have a look further on this issue.



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Leaving_You,


    Since you mentioned you had been speaking to our support via phone, would you be able to provide me the case number so that I can communicate it to our support team for further checking?


    Regarding the community posting issue, what is the error you get when you try to start a new thread? Could you please elaborate more on the posting issue to check further?




  • Same problems with my renewal - try to renew through the virgin media offer email and directly on the website. It just says Ive renewed for the current period and I will be contacted by email to renew.

    That was 3 renewal emails ago, my subscriptions expires very shortly, I cant get any response from the on line help team.

    Think I will go elsewhere!

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi colver,


    You may contact our support team in order to troubleshoot further on your renewal issue with SAFE. Please try to open a support request with our team or chat with our Experts regarding your issue.




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