how to get my Activation code


I bought multi device subscription for IPhone and IPad via ITunes.

How do i get the activation code.


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  • VersVers Posts: 4


    received a mail with a link to activate the account.


    It does not have any effect.

    I need an activation code.


    What is the problem, why is this so difficult for F-secure

  • VersVers Posts: 4



    and when you start a chat with the technician nobody respond and after 20 min the chat is cancelled by F-secure.


  • VersVers Posts: 4

    By coincidence I had tried the same approach and it work.

    It might be suggestion to make this more clear, or change behavious of the app as the app asks for the activation code.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Vers,


    Thank you for the update and glad to know the issue is resovled. I will pass on your suggestion as well.

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