anybody else find tech support crap?

genuine question before i pay for this product


  • EJB
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    Used F-Secure for many years...very few problems sorted very quickly on this forum!


  • regB
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    Yes, I did.  It took best part of a week and numerous E-mails after cleverbridge deleted my system without my consent and unilaterally returned the fee I had already paid.   They should know that that is not allowed under contract law, as after taking the money a contract has been established, and must be met.  When I went to re-install, I was taken to the page where virginmedia sent me, and it asked me to buy for £25, but every time I tried to do that it took me to a page inviting me to buy now for £79.99.  How dishonest can you get.  I gather that others have clicked on that and founf that £79.99 has been taken from their account.  Eventually virginmedia sorted it for me, but for nearly a week I was left without cover.  It is simply not good enough - the least that they should have done would have been to send me a mail warning that they intended to do it and given me time to respond.  F-secure is an excelent system, but is spoiled by such poor service.

  • regB
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    see my reply below, Reg Brittain
  • Laksh
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    Hi regB,


    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I do understand your concern about the SAFE renewal. As I have mentioned in my previous other post, I have highlighted your feedback once again internally with our Support team.


    Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you!

  • SA31
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    Don't bother buying this product. There is no phone contact support where you can get "live" help. Try another more "professonal" product.

  • Starman
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    Is there tech support? How do you contact them? I bought a 3 week sub to Freedome and it won't connect. No help on the forum. Glad it was just 3 weeks. They can kiss my ass goodbye. 




  • Laksh
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    Hi @Starman,


    As I have replied in your original post, please open a support ticket so that you can contact our support engineers in order to look at your issue. You can always contact our Tech support by opening a support ticket or contacting them via chat support.


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