Apple Apps Store a Security Issue

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Please take note of this.


Don't Download blindly from the Apple Apps Store.


Some of the Apps from the Apple Apps Store are not what it appears to be. 






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    Thanks Rusli!


    I moved your post to the protection board.


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    Thanks Stephan!Smiley Very Happy

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    Apple Store is one of the safest place to download apps. Unless you have Installous. lol..

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    One Computer Security Expert got his Apple Developer license terminated for 1 year for finding exploits in the Apple Apps Store by creating a Malware.


    He just wanted to point out that the Apple Apps Store can be exploited and is vulnerable. Well he created a Stock Option Program and release in the Apple Apps Store. Little did you realise that Malware is unleashed without anyone knows about it.


    Well he did not do that intentionally. (The Fact is he demo it) He just wanted to tell Apple that the Apple Apps Store Security is still vulnerable. 


    But Apple did want to hear anything from it and refuse to hear from him. 


    What PC Magazine stated is base on facts!


    If Android are too vulnerable don't take any chances that Apple Apps Store is a safe haven!


    I come across that there are many many Apple Apps with unknown Malware goes undetected by Many Antivirus Companies! 


    See link below:-


    I found that Apple Mac OS X is not secure! A good Computer Security Expert can hack a Mac in 2 Minutes! He is a Former NSA and also a good Mathematician.  (A Computer Security Challenge that took place in CANADA)


    I still think the best OS out there is OpenBSD!


    I still have cases that someone  Remotely Control my Mac!


    Apple are vey very slow at Updating their Mac OS X for vulnerabilities!



    Look at Secunia (a well known Computer Security Company) Statistics.




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    You mean Installer. ROLF! It's no for me!

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    Another "little" problem with an app in the Apple AppStore: "Path uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers"


    It looks to me as if two different measuring bars are used in the process of aproval.

  • He at least got the bragging rights and  made Apple a joke. Thanks for sharing, I didn't know until know that App Store ain't that secure.

  • Rusli
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    I admired and respect the Computer Security Expert, he did this for Apple and he is not giving any credit for it. It's a matter of time, Apple starts to listen him. (The same person who can hack Mac in 2 minutes!)


    Well he is a former National Security Agency and a cryptologist! What more can you want from it!


    I didn't have the time to brag around things. It is a real matter! So no time to joke around. (We all have to face the music)


    Well let see if Mac OS X 10.8 (codename Mountain Lion) solve all security issues with MAC OS X.


    You can read the current article below.



    Malware can do spread the Apple Apps store. Whether it is a tight nit or not.


    Anything can slip pass without noticing it.

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    Well as what Sophos said... The Mac OS X 10.8 (code name Moutain Lion)  is still not as secure as it seems to be.


    The GateKeeper Security features designs are flaws...


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    Interesting atricle:


    Is Apple Losing Its Grip on App Store Security? (

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    I have to disagree. Apple still has it's own security measures and we shouldn't worry about it too much.image

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    It's all true! Dead true. Thanks for the infos.

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    I don't think so.


    Human do makes mistakes!


    If you read the links as what we have posted, is base on facts man... No joke.


    Here is some excerpts...


    This is from CIO,

    Click here to find out more!

    iPhone Dev Sneaks Malware Into Apple App Store, Feels Swift Wrath of Cupertino An iOS security researcher who submitted a tainted iPhone application meant to expose a weakness in Apple's App Store security process has been suspended from Apple's developer program. And rightly so—he violated clear terms of service. But what does that say about the security of all those random apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod?

    Posted November 08, 2011


    This is an excerpt from Sophos Antivrius Company,


    by Mark Stockley on November 8, 2011 |


    Former NSA analyst and serial Apple hacker has discovered a serious security flaw in iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads.

    iOS prevents apps from acting maliciously by only allowing code that has been signed by Apple to carry out sensitive tasks. It seems that ... has found a way to break through iOS's security straitjacket and get iOS devices to run unsigned code.


    Hope those articles will convince you.

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