Freedome for Android "disconnecting" repeatedly

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I've began having an issue with the Android version of Freedome on my smartphone since about a two months ago. The problem is the continuous disconnecting of the Freedome VPN connection when actively using the internet. For example, if I browse the web on my phone actively opening new websites, maybe using a stream service, really anything that transfers data through the internet, the Freedome key icon in the status bar indicating an active connection will suddenly disappear and all internet traffic will come to a sudden stop. New websites can't be opened, music will quit playing if it hasn't buffered the whole song, etc.


The same issue occurs after some time even if the phone hasn't been touched for hours, but the issue seems to arise more often when transferring more internet data by opening websites, for example.


The strange thing is, when I reopen the Freedome app, it will immediately show the app's "connecting" animation before turning the VPN connection back on in usually a few seconds, as well as eventually showing the key icon in the status bar and connection ON in the Freedome app itself. After that, the internet connection works fine once again, but the frustrating thing is, the connection is lost several times an hour or more.


The Freedome app does not at any time show the VPN connection actually being turned off, only connecting and connected. It should also be mentioned that the internet status (H/H+/4G/WiFi) in the status bar does not change or disappear when Freedome drops the connection as it would if I were to disable mobile data or WiFi. With Freedome permanently off, the issue does not appear.


As a result, the continuous loss of internet connection has also messed up the automatic email sync in the default email app. This means the email app might or might not alert when receiving emails for several hours or for good until I manually check for new emails, regardless whether or not the internet connection has been "turned back on" by simply opening the Freedome app and waiting for a few seconds.


I've tried updating the phone (using Android 5.0), factory resetting the phone several times, reinstalling the Freedome app, deleting all data from the Freedome app, etc. but nothing has resolved the issue. The Freedome app version: and the device used: Samsung Galaxy S5. I'm also located in Finland near the capital, so the signal strength and everything is fine.


Any help would be appreciated as soon as possible, thanks!


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