Netflix blocks different virtual country locations

Timaeus Posts: 12 Enthusiast

Since I started using Freedome about 6 months ago I have rarely been able to watch Netflix from a different virtual location (it has worked about 2% of the times I have tried, or less).


Is there anything that can be done about this? Is there anything I can do about it? Is this a common problem?


My actual location is Finland, I'm using Windows 7 64bit, and Firefox.


  • What locations are you trying to use?
  • Timaeus
    Timaeus Posts: 12 Enthusiast

    I have tried many locations, for example the US version has worked only a couple of times, so has the Canadian version. I remember that sometimes an IP-number that worked, stopped working some hours later after a new signing in to Netflix.


    I have read that Netflix might be testing blocking VPNs more rigorously in some areas, but as far as I know this is still a grey area for them. I have not read terms of use lately but I don't think they explicitly forbid the use of VPNs.

  • That's odd, I used the Montreal gateway for several hours streaming Netflix.
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