it_aint Posts: 18 New Member

I just wat to say I will be posting my opinons on other web site's since ypu enjoy deleting mine? There are lost of security forums and Every chance I get to post I will do so till I get a refund for this so called software that cuts you wifi conection speed more then halSmiley Madf



                                                                                        ty   Smiley LOL       Smiley Mad


  • durendel
    durendel Posts: 13 New Member

    I'm a customer also but have you tried using a wired connection? You say your speed over wifi is cut in half but do you get the same issue with something other than wifi? How long have you been using the service and did this problem just start?

  • it_aint
    it_aint Posts: 18 New Member

    Hey I don't want to usse wired ok I prefer wifi and it started as soon as i put the progrm in! Freedum cuts my speed more then half and I want refund because its no good

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