LAN Device cannot be accessed by XP machine

I have replaced mcafee with fsecure on an xp machine and now cannot access a server device on the lan at unless I turn fsecure off. Windows firewall off has no effect. It works fine on another pc running windows 7 and from an ipad and iphone all with fsecure. How do I set up to allow access to this device from xp?


  • I unchecked the 'harmful file' box on the firewall page and this allows access but what is the risk of leaving it unchecked?
  • Ben
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    Hello Seagate,


    Could you tell us which F-Secure product you are currently using on your XP machine? Also where exactly did you make the modification to allow access to your LAN server(screenshot)?

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Thank you for the screenshot.

    Could you tell us how do you access this server?  What kind of error you receive when your are trying to access it? 

  • The device is accessed by entering the URL in the browser (Internet Explorer). If the box above is ticked, after 20secs or so the IE "cannot display web page" message appears. With the box unchecked, the server password page appears straight away.

    Question is what is the risk of leaving the box unchecked?

  • Ben
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    Hello seagate,


    This setting allows you to block any application from downloading harmful files before they reach your computer.

    You can refer to this article on that topic.


  • Thank you for your responses.

    Still don't see how Windows 7 works with the box checked.  Maybe an XP thing which came with the latest updates - which still seem to appear even though it is no longer supported.


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