Can't install f-secure on laptop


Hi am using my laptop and am trying to install f-secure,the install loads ok but when trying to download the files that it needs to install it says please check your internet connection,which am confused as am already connevted.


Need help help please.



  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 234 F-Secure Employee



    Regards to this, can we know which F-secure program you are trying to install? If it is a F-Secure SAFE, please ensure there is no other security program installed on your current machine and please check for the Windows updates too before proceed with the installation. 


    You can refer below link for some guidelines :




  • slippers
    slippers Posts: 6 Observer

    Hi thanks for the reply but i still can't get it to install.

    Am using windows xp and also my other desktop is xp too which i installed with no problems

    Am using F-Secure Save and windows updates are updated but still not installing.

    I get an error msg about my connection or the install just disappears.

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