reinstalled after win10 reinstall / ssd fail > now no subscription with code not working again!

fsecure Posts: 6 New Member

seems to be a lot of the same thing on here with no answers, can someone PM us as

to what we need to do to get our subscription working with the code that was ok

until win 10 reinstall on a new ssd???


been through the whole forum and looks like nobody has actually got an answer or

been given the fix?




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi fsecure,


    May I know what is the F-Secure product you are using on your Windows 10 computer? Could you also post a screenshot of the error message seen during the validation (masking the code if it is visible)?

  • fsecure
    fsecure Posts: 6 New Member

    its the same UPGRADE issue/error/fault/code problem that everyone seems to have????


    1: install freedom

    2: enter promo code

    3: use freedom

    4: failed ssd / reinstall / get new PC / backup OS & move blah blah..




    active subscription prior to upgrade

    upgrade from having active to having nothing???

    upgrade now not working


    so assume this is/was a flaw across the board with the upgrade path and/or the re-installing

    of the software...


    can you/someone sort this out as tried a COMPLETE reinstall on CLEAN win10 setup and

    the code/s do not work, so had no use for nearly a month now???


    you can PM us a different code, but tried with a different PC and upgraded a 3 month sub

    on it and it did the SAME thing..


    not happy.. as FDome *seemed* like a worthy alternative to all the other crap out there

    that claims to work and don't work/protect/keep your info safe..


  • fsecure
    fsecure Posts: 6 New Member

    you have asked us for the info, which was in our time.. so how about someone give us

    some of theirs here and sort this out please???


    why ask for info/data/screenshots if nobody responds to it?

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi fsecure,


    We are always here to assist with your issue. For further checking, may I know how you got this promo code for Freedome?


    Was the Freedome promo code received using your SAFE account? If yes, have you purchased your SAFE licenses or is it a trial SAFE account?

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @fsecure,


    I have moved your post to the Freedome board since the issue was related to the Freedome product.

  • fsecure
    fsecure Posts: 6 New Member



    after 8 attempts to actually get back into your community forum..



    the code was emailed after it was generated in the fsafe area

    as per the instructions in the email sent... ????


    can you / someone / god.. just give us a simple resolution???


    2 weeks to solve a 1 day issue?? come on really...


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi fsecure,


    The F-Secure community login link is:

    Please try to use this link to login to the Community. Regarding the login attempt you had mentioned in your previous post, is it the login to the MYSAFE portal?


    In order to assist further, we would require the details of the SAFE account as I had mentioned in my previous post. Since the Freedome code was generated using the MYSAFE portal, have you purchased your SAFE licenses or is it a trial SAFE account? If you have purchased your SAFE licenses, kindly send me a private message with your SAFE purchase details for further checking.

  • fsecure
    fsecure Posts: 6 New Member

    what are you talking about now???


    this ERROR is due to the code that was generated inside our fsafe account from an invite

    for the use of FREEDOME software????


    can you PLEASE, in plain and simple English, EXPLAIN what it is you want us to do???


    the code was generated from our login to fsafe as per EVERY OTHER customer you have???


    getting really fed up with this crappy attitude and the way that customer service is you on

    a forum that nobody bothers to actually solve any issues on???


    here is a suggestion, send us a reset link to our MATCHING fsecure account email




    ask Mikko to get on here and solve the simple technical issues that you are experiencing

    on a massive scale.. have you actually seen how many threads there are on here about this



    you need to simplify the actual moving / re-install / failure / blah blah way that your softs

    are put on new drives / new OS setups, so for a 4th week we dont waste anymore time


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi fsecure,


    We have received different types of cases concerning the Freedome subscription codes and that some users got 1year Freedome licenses but did not purchase our SAFE product. Freedome via SAFE trial account was never a campaign supported by F-Secure. Customers need to purchase SAFE to get the Freedome codes.

    In order to check further on this issue reported, we would need to confirm your purchase details of SAFE or Freedome so that we can help you further on your subscription issue.

    Also, for Freedome in Windows 10, it is required to do the upgrade (not reinstallation) in order to keep your licence further.

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