Had to re-install Windows & F-Protect...now I lost my subscription! :(

I had a promo code for a year's free subscription to F-Protect Freedome.  Today I re-installed Windows due to corrupt files, and I also had to reinstall the Freedome F-secure software.  Now I lost my subscription (I was about 3 weeks into my year's subscription).  The original promo code that I signed up with no longer works.  Is there any possible way to get my subscription back or is it lost forever?  I really like F-Secure Freedome and had every intention of buying a new subscription when my year was up. 


  • The same thing just happened to me.  Please help us resolve this!

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    Hi @JackOfOwls,


    May I know what kind of a promotion code is this for using Freedome? Please also let us know how you got this promotion code for Freedome from.


    Is it from F-Secure SAFE? If yes, could you please let us know if you are using a trial version of SAFE or if you have purchased SAFE?




    Please provide us more details as to how you purchased Freedome for your devices.

  • Hi Laksh,


    Yes, it was for F-Secure Safe.  I got a voucher code for a free year's trial subscription from this offer at the end of September (now expired) and I followed the instructions. After entering the voucher code, my subscription was activated with no problem and I was enjoying your excellent VPN service for about 3 weeks then I lost it all when I had to re-install windows Smiley Sad 



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    Hi JackOfOwls


    Did you just register for SAFE as a trial license and then proceeded to activate your Freedome code? Or did you purchase SAFE licenses for your account before you activated your Freedome code?



  • Hi Laksh,


    I'm pretty sure it's the first one since I didn't purchase anything.  Though I'd really love to get that year's trial back (and would be sure to back up my Windows install if I did), I don't feel I have much right to complain since i did get it for free.  I was just really bummed that I lost it.  I noticed that PIA has a promo for a year's subscription for $31.95 (USD) so I may just go with them if my subscription can't be reinstated with you.  Thanks.

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    Hi JackOfOwls,


    If it was the Safe trial account through which you got your Freedome codes, then, our limited offer was “Buy SAFE, Get 1year of Freedome for free” offer. Consumers who do not pay for SAFE after the trial period, will be prompted to pay to continue using Freedome for free. If you have got the Freedome codes via the SAFE trial acccount, Free Freedome Premium with SAFE trial was not offered by us.

  • My issue is the exact same as Jack's.  I registered for a free SAFE account, and with it I received a free one year Freedome subscription.  I read the mod's comment below, stating that the offer wasn't offered by F-Secure, but it had to have been, as after logging into the free SAFE account, there was a 'Freedome' button to click to get the free one year subscription.  It wasn't offered anywhere else but inside the 'My Account' page of SAFE.

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