Paid for subscription renewal but cannot activate.

Hi, I have paid for my subscription renewal and have received a confirmation email to say I have done so, but there is no sign of a Key, and when I log into my account the web page says "We are waiting for confirmation of your payment." - however I paid for it 18 hours ago.


I have tried opening up the action centre and clicking on checking for updates, but that has not worked.



  • Should have said this is for SAFE.

  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 235 F-Secure Employee

    Hi StephenDavies,

    Regards to this, we need some details of yours before we can check in our system. Recommended to open a support ticket so that we can assist you further on this. Please click here to open a support ticket and Private Message me the ticket number in order for me to take over the case.


  • Sorry but there is no obvious way I can see to PM you, but tisket number is: xxxxx


    EDIT: Removed case details.

  • When I try to renew again this is the message I get:


    Your F-Secure Safe subscription is valid. We are waiting for  Confirmation of your payment.



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