Freedome license key deactivated and used after a week!

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I purchaced 5 Freedome licenses for 1 week ago!
I installed 4 of 5 licences. Today when i cleared Freedome's application data and cache on my Android system, the license/prenumeration period dissapeard. I needed to reactivate Freedome entering a new licens code.
Now I  have not any licenses left. What do you suggest? I have just installed Freedome i four mashins.
And I need another license key to install and activate the product i the fifth mashin.
Is there something I miss here? If you have a valid license of a program and reinstall your device -
what happend with reactivation av same product in the same mashin?


I need your help

Thanks in advance!


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi RML,


    In this case, if you have a fifth device, please try to validate the Freedome code on your fifth device. If you still have any issues during the validation of the code, kindly post your issue here and we will assist you further.



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