Prevent a file from getting removed by F-Secure?




I'm having trouble with F-Secure, i have this file called "Neuz.exe" that i need to play a game but since F-Secure thinks this program is a virus it gets deleted all the time. Is there a way to allow the file on the computer so F-Secure leaves it alone?


  • Fronix
    Fronix Posts: 2

    AHh i found it, thankyou!

  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 454 Adventurer

    from settings of computer secuity(right click it), on first page clock "open excluded items list" link and in objects exclude entire folder where it is located(so at extracting it will not check it).



    then submit it to proper place( ) as false positive or whatever

  • flogger
    flogger Posts: 35

    Before the file gets removed, it should ask you I you wanna go ahead or not. You can prolly set that file in the software's trust list. So it gets skipped every scan. 



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