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Repairing friends PC after disc failure and upgraded to Windows 10 (ex 7)  on completion.  He uses F-secure SAFE.  This is a 5 device licence expiring December 2016.  He uses 5 devices.


The upgrade to windows 10 corrupted F-secure and using the their recommended  tool, was uninstalled.. 


Had trouble re-installing as was initially told that all licences were used - 4 !?! even though it showed 1/5 licences available. Discussed with him and removed one on the devices.  Tried again and told all licences were used - 3 !?! even though it showed 2/5 licences available.  Very disconcerting??  Removed another device and tried again - Installed to new device name as re-install obviously not working.  This time appeared to work.  Looked OK and scanned PC successfully.  Shut down PC


This morning turned on PC for final check before return  only to be told the F-Secure licence has expired and to renew ????  What's going on ?????  I have friends account details and his 5 device license is valid and doesn't expire until  8 December 2016.  Had to remove and revert to Defender.


Tried reinstalling but same problem .  What's happened and why and how is this to be corrected. ?? 


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    Thanks for your feedback.


    On further investigation found that there was stll remnants in Program Files of F-Secure after running their uninstall tool.  Ran it again and confirmed all traces gone.


    knowing the licence was still valid and being advised that there was 2/5 licences available I decided to install using a new named device.  This worked; now down to 1/5 licences available.  Removed previous named device where re-install attempt failed and now 2/5 licences available.


    Run scans, updated  etc, logged off/on, restarted and (so far) not had occurances of yesterdays events.   Hopefully now all OK. 



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    Good to hear. :)
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