cant connect

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i am usinig a freedome f-secure and now i cant connect to any servers of freedome.

when i click in the on the software try to connect and turned and not connect.

what is my problem?

please help me.

thank you


  • TheStupidOne
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    I wish you luck my friend, I have being trying to solve this very same problem since mid August and I'm still trying to find out. All I got was a referral to these community pages and the knowledge base as an answer to this query. Trying to find some cohesive answer is just about impossible, all you end up doing is wading through page after page after page of  superfluous information that has little or absolutely nothing to do with the search queries asked, and after several lost hours of trying to find an answer you eventually give up through sheer bl**dy frustration. I am now going to ask for a refund which no doubt will be only a partial one, and if so perhaps F-Secure should consider giving a full refund by way of an apology to cover the lost time spent trying to find the solution, and secondly and more importantly to apologise for the sheer frustration of this totally inadequate so called support system which I have found to be anything but!


    Below are some of the error messages I received when trying to connect with Freedome VPN.


    24-09-2015 12-52-00.png


    23-09-2015 17-45-39.png


    23-09-2015 09-38-00.png


    24-09-2015 09-04-43.png


    24-09-2015 09-04-28.png


    23-09-2015 21-17-12.png


    23-09-2015 18-23-33.png


    23-09-2015 09-38-00.png


    23-09-2015 09-37-42.png

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