TP149 Windows Client Release

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FS Protection PC release 149

  • Common Component Framework 2.49 build 198
  • Antivirus 14.149 build 100
  • Browsing protection 2.149 build 3650

Fixed issues

  • Support tool fails to create fsdiag.7z when it can't find Desktop (CTS-96886)
  • Product may never upgrade when using proxy (CTS-96908)


  • Turn off dialog lacks new style (CTS-96843)
  • Link for scheduled scan report missing from menu (CTS-96823)
  • Lithuanian miniscan "More info" button text too long (CTS-96711)
  • No localization for Mobile Broadband in Lithuanian (CTS-96812)
  • "Virus scan" string in Polish does not fit (CTS-96588)
  • Scanning report "Reboot needed" string check (CTS-96860)
  • No tree menu opened in help for the new scan wizard (CTS-96877)
  • Deepguard dialog can not show japanese paths correctly (CTS-96890)
  • SAFE_BUG-00916 Virus scan window hangs and is non responsive (CTS-96802)
  • Antivirus keeps answering "Turning on", but nothing happens (CTS-96741)

Browsing Protection:

  • Various UI style/layout fixes and fine-tunings.
  • Browsing protection and Safe Search extensions for Firefox are now properly signed, so Firefox should not warn about unsigned extensions anymore. (CTS-96832)
  • Safe Search upgrade potential failure with Chrome browser. (CTS-96647)


Sorry for the late notice, this went live already yesterday. Smiley Embarassed




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