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After some time, I'm back and trying FS Protection once again. And I couldn't be happier :)!

I really like the new icons/interface and texture across the UI. Perhaps Settings still needs some more overhaul to fit with the main UI. Otherwise, really good looking and easy to use.


Performance - top notch. Haven't felt any slowdown and scans are fast on SSD. Nothing more to comment here.


Stability - again top notch. Been running it a few days and so far so good. No issues to report, no FPs etc.


There are some new files that DeepGuard asks about when I execute them, but that's okay because these files may be really rare for the cloud.

About that: I think this may be the "FP" part of AV-Comparatives Real Word tests, but I may be wrong since I am not sure how they consider FPs.


Keep it up!


  • Ville
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    Hi @Lord_Ami


    Thanks for the feedback. It's good to hear that everything works for you (usually people only contact us when something does not work).



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  • Lord_Ami
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    Only minus so far is that with first install, updating takes quite some time even on speedy systems. I'd like to see it integrated to installer, but then it would make installing slow :)

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