Annoying always on notification on Galaxy note 5

Jolish Posts: 2 New Member
Want to remove  the notification  from the notification  panel on note 5 which  is really  annoying on lock screen  preventing  other  important  notification. unchecked the notification option from the configuration options from the app. Cant find a solution to remove "VPN is activated by Freedom" message from lockscreen and notifications panel. Gonna Uninstall  if there is no fix for this problem


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Jolish,


    The lock screen settings are controlled by the Android OS itself. The settings for them can be found in the OS settings through which you can try to change the notification display for the lock screen. However, the notification 'VPN is activated by Freedome' displayed in the Notification bar on the top of the screen cannot be modified.

  • Jolish
    Jolish Posts: 2 New Member
    It is really annoying and I didn't have this problem on my HTC phone with lollipop same version. I have uninstlled the app. I better find another apps rather than keeping this annoying notification all the time on my lockscreen.
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