pc booster key does not work. I purchased booster in August but it still does not work I will give y

I purchesd the the F secure pc booster during August, but the key did not work. After seeking help I got nowhere but was advised to go to communitee. The key still does not work and I am seeking support.

My puchase Ref: number is xxxxx. I will disclose the key when support is forthcomming .

sincere thank's





  • Simon
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    The problem is that F-Secure are saying there is no 'Support Ticket' type support for Booster, and that support is delivered via the Community. However, we cannot deal with licensing issues here, as this is an open public forum and there would be all sorts of data protection and privacy issues in doing so.

    So, this is a kind of 'rock and hard place' situation. Hopefully someone from F-Secure will offer some assistance here on Monday, by way of Private Messaging, as I can't see how else issues like this can be resolved.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi WSMD,


    May I know what is the error message you see when you try to validate your license code? Have you used this code before on any computer?

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