F-Secure 2012 and MAGIX Video deluxe MX Premium

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i got a really fast pc (Intel 2500K CPU, SSD Drive, 8GB Ram) and since i have install F-Secure 2012 my MAGIX Video deluxe MX Premium jekrs while i edit the video. Normaly Magixs runs very fast on my pc.

I suspect, that F-Secure slowes down Magix a little bit.

Could that be possible?




  • 2eemeli
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    Yes this might be possible.


    Depending how the software is working an AV might slow down quite a bit.


    But the software would need to have some design issues e.g. opening and closing logfiles constantly instead of opening and closing once all writing is done.


    Does it is a DB?


    I assume you tested to excluded some parts from scanning already?


    You could use filemon to see if there is an unusual high activity in some areas and exclude those from scanning.


    It might help to exclude the process from scanning as well.


    More details on how the software is working would be needed.

  • Hexo
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    Thanks for your answere.

    I made another test. I have deinstalled F-Secure and edited the same video... and... it is still choppy in some parts. 

    So, F-Secure is not the problem ^^ -> Magixs is the problem Smiley Happy



  • tripodzid
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    Your machine seems quite fast enough to run anything especially AV and any malware protection software. Is it really due to F-Secure or your Magix Video Deluxe software?





    Business is the game!!image

  • Hexo
    Hexo Posts: 240 Active Engager

    It seems, that Magixs is the problem.

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