Hey!! I have some problem with F-secure Internet Security (latest version) - I decided to try to reinstall it, i guess something went wrong because now i can only access "Browsing protection"? I cant use any other sections of the program. 


I even tried running the uninstallation tool, and then reinstalling again - NO HELP.


Please help me. When i click the "F-Secure" icon on desktop it opens the Browsing protection -window.


If i click the system tray icon - The browsing protection window opens.


Please help me!!!!



Also none of the features work apparently.



Problem has been solved by F-Secure updating the software on my Windows 10 computer. Thank you.


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    There appears to be a workaround to this known issue at the end of this thread:
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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just as additional information - info-topic about related trouble (as notification from F-Secure)


    If workaround-steps will be work for you (from another topic, which was provided under previous reply) - will be nice. Also.. about your another "troubles" around DeepGuard. Just now.. I found that fresh TP-update also comes with next point:


    ""Deepguard Application block UI is broken (CTS-96749)"" as fixed trouble


    It's mean... maybe your experience was about current known situation (if I normally can to understand current description). Or maybe it was result of Windows 10 troubles.


    Sorry again for reply.



  • Thank you F-Secure, i received the update which allowed Internet Security components to install properly on my Windows 10 computer.


    However, during my uninstall / reinstall i lost one of my licenses.. Apparently because the uninstallation was not complete, and i had to use the uninstallation tool, the license was not deactivated on uninstall and when i reinstalled it used my last license i had left (i had 3, two of them in use before uninstallation).


    Who do i contact? I have two physical computers with f-secure installed. So i need to have the third license available for future need.

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    When you go to use the third license on another FS installation, you should be given the option to re-use an existing inactive license.  Don't ask me how, but it somehow seems to know which license to re-use. 

  • What? 

    When i choose "View my subscription", i see this:



    ..But the problem is, that i only have it installed on two (2) physical devices. And on "this device" i had to uninstall/reinstall the software. And now it for some reason see this as two different devices? Before reinstall i had license #3 unused, availabe for third device.


    I guess the uninstallation somehow botched because i'm on Windows 10.

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    It seems like a very similar question to the one in this thread, in which @Ville confirmed my answer:



    But, if you think yours is a different issue, you may wish to seek further advice.

  • So it's like this - if/when i decide to install the software on a third device, the license is availabe for transfer from the other device? Ok, good to know. No harm done then.

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