Solution for "Error: Something went wrong, we're sorry" (Windows)

Xtremed Posts: 10 Enthusiast

Well after a few days thinking about it i found a solution. (at least for Windows)
So for everybody having issues with Freedome, you dont need to refund, there is a solution for you.


 the whole issue it's related with the FreedomeTAP driver, after the last update for some reason Windows removed the driver, and if you try to manually install it you will get an issue with the driver package (“This operation requires an interactive window station”).

I went to the Freedome\1.1\driver-x64 folder, and replaced the tap0901.sys file with the updated driver from openVPN ver., then manually added legacy hardware to the computer using the device manager, and installed the FreedomeVPN driver.

Now it works like a charm, let's hope the F-Secure team just push this into the next update, including the right OpenVPN driver.



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