It does not work with a cellular-data

The application works only at included WIFI.
Unfortunately after switching to cellular data (are acting after turning the application off) cannot unite from VPN. my location is Poland Orange operator.A system is Android 5





  • Izan
    Izan Posts: 8

    Hello Lakers67,


    Could we know your phone model and Freedome version? To find Freedome version, tap on the 'lines' icon at top left corner on phone screen and tap on About.


    Make sure the data coverage is strong, and at least 3G signal.


    Thank you.

  • - Galaxy S5 Samsung (5.0 Android)
    - Version Freedome 2.0.27. 2877
    - Level of signal 2G -63 dBM
    - Level of signal 3G -75 dBm
    - Level of the LTE signal -86 dBm




  • Izan
    Izan Posts: 8

    Hello Lakers67,


    Does Orange ISP allow use of open VPN through their mobile data network?

    Try install F-Secure Freedome on other phone with Android 5.0 that connected to same ISP and mobile data enabled, then test it. Freedome is free for 14 days on Google Play Store.


    Tell us if it works with other phone.


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