Error with Windows and andoid versions.

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I have been using freedom/ freedom beta ( with traker mapper) on my windows pc for long time. And i was satisfied with it to an extent, and so i installed freedom on my android device too. But now i am having few problems, both with pc and phone. Thats why i am sending this mail, please provide me some help.

1) problem with pc - while i browse using google chrome latest version, with freedom or freedom beta ( with tracker mapper) i get dns probe unfinished error, and this happens frequently. Also gets request time out error too. As i am using 4g connection, the network is quite stable and hence it is not a problem with my network.
I have to click reload several times to get it working again, or just use another freedom server to get back connection. This happens with all servers ( i mainly use us based servers as it provide better speed on my location ( saudi arabia). Also some sites shows verification error and shows too many connection attempts!! ( even if i am connecting to that site for the first time).
My pc is windows 8.1 pro, ASUS 401LB, I5 5th gen, with 8b ram and 940 m nvidia gfx. Use gigabyte wired lan,or wifi b/g/n. Also have google primary and seconday dns. No specific ip is set, everything else is default.
This problem only occurs with browsers and not other apps, downloaders or steaming apps,or communication apps have no problems.

2) problem with my android phone - In my android phone which is a xperia z2, the app never get starts, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version from playstore. But still no use. It just stays off always. The radio button wont go to "on position " at all.
My device is rooted, and use stock 5.1.1 os. But my Google playstore is patched for disabling licence verification checks, also have emulation for in-app purchases. But i already have freedom code, which i get from registering on fsecure. I use that code for extending subscription and not in-app purchases.

Also i would like to get an info about the servers which support torrents. Non of us based seems working. Since a lot of users use torrent downloads via fsecure servers, i request you to provide servers that are optimised for torrent downloads and uploads too. Also please add server details and supporting protocols and features of each servers.

Hope you will provide help


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