Freedome gave me wrong virtual location

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I use Freedome with Windows7x64. I have set virtual location to Finland (Espoo). It usually works fine.


But on Saturday I turned Freedome on again and it shows me that procetion is on and location is set to Finland. But then when I was loggin in to my e-mail account, site warned me that I'm trying to connect from unusual location. I checked my Freedome dashboard and it was still showing that my protection was on and my location is set to Finland.


But when I checked my current IP-address, this was actually from Sweden! So Freedome still tells me that my location is set to Finland, but my current IP-address was in Sweden. (I wrote down this IP-address and my physical location is not Sweden)


How this is possible? Some bug in Freedome software or... ?


Then I turned off Freedome and tried to connect again. So I checked again my IP-address and now it was in Finland as it should be also in first place.


Thanks for support!


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