Freedome (or Openvpn?) and firewall question..


When i turn my firewall on in my cable modem/router, Freedome takes very long to connect to servers. Like at least 30-60 seconds. But after that, it works perfectly fine.


Now, when i turn the firewall in my router off - Freedome connects to server much much faster.


So i want to know if Freedome (or Openvpn?) requires opening a port/ports for the initial connection?


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    Hi GaryB00zey,


    You can check this article for port configuration for Freedome.


  • Hey, thank you for the reply.


    Ok i checked the article you mentioned. I used a network monitor to check for what connections are made using Freedome and those ports mentioned in the article (TCP/UDP 2740-2749) are never used by Freedome/Openvpn. And why is 443 (SSL) even mentioned in the article? I can't hardly think there would be a situation where a home computer would be firewall to block outgoing connections to 443 anyways, considering pretty much all major services use that port (OS related updates etc, online banking etc, webmail etc etc).





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