Where is my subscription/activation code for ios?

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I've used Freedome on my ipad since Sep 2014. The subscription renewed automatically last month and I was billed via itunes.


Now I'd like to use Freedome also on my iphone that uses the same itunes account. I've installed the app on my phone but now it is asking for a subscription/activation code.

The problem is I don't think I've ever got one. The emails from 2014 include an order number but that's not it.


How do I get this working on both devices?
(I called the tech support care number in Finland - odd that they don't support Freedome at all over the phone.)


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    Hello Bobsacamano,


    Did you already try restoring purchases on your iphone?

    To do that try opening the Subscription menu in the Freedome app, and tapping the Restore purchases link.

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