connect error

error : there was a problem connecting to the server Smiley Sad (windows 8.1)


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    Hi arash,


    May I know which location you were trying to connect when you got this error? Did the error occur to all the locations?


  • arasharash Posts: 2


    my location= iran

    Did the error occur to all the locations? No . just me!


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    I have the same exact problem.


    I'm located in Iran too and on Tuesday, Freedome stopped working here. The software is no longer able to connect to any of the servers/locations.


    Seems like Freedome servers have just been banned in Iran. Please help us. 

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    i have same problem  with windows 7 ,

    but my other device like andriod work Properly.


    be  note that we faced problem after updating Fredome vertion.

    best regards

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    I don't think it's a good idea to leave a customer high and dry. We are no longer able to connect to any of the serevrs and awaiting a response. 

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    Unfortunately it seems that Iran is actively blocking most VPN (various vendors).

    Did you already try to change virtual location(exit nodes), some might not  have been yet blocked?

  • SasarSasar Posts: 7

    I have a note 5 and after installation f-secure freedome

    My app does not work and not connect to server

  • SasarSasar Posts: 7

    I am locate in iran . I have this problem too. My platform is android and i subscribed yearly.

    Support team cannot solve it.

    Support team is responsible to solve it and introduce a server to connect from iran

  • SasarSasar Posts: 7

    Would you please add another virtual server or server like other vendours like hotspot shield ?

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    Hi @Sasar,


    I have merged your other post to this thread as I saw you already posted your reply here.

  • SasarSasar Posts: 7
    All of locations/servers do not connect.
  • same here Smiley Indifferent what should we do?
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