How to release my Freedome licence

For technical reasons I've had to reinstall Freedome several times. This time the tracker mapper didn't work so I uninstalled the program. Now I'm being told Ive used up my licence and need to buy  extension.

I still really got months left in it, so what am I supposed to do. Please advise


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    HI @rka,


    I have moved your post to our Freedome board so that everyone can have a look and assist further.


    About your license issue, may I know the following details to check further?

    1. Is it a single license or a multi license code?

    2. Where did you purchase the code from?

    3. Till when is your code valid?

    4. What is the OS or the device in which you are trying to install Freedome?

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    1. My licence is for three devices but am using only one, namely my pc. My phone is Windows phone and unfortunately Freedome doesn't work with that Smiley Sad

    2. I purchased it on the net (cleverbridge1/28/2015)

    3. 1/28/2016

    4. My Os is Win 10


    It did work but I tried to re-install it because Tracker Mapper stopped working (beta)

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    Hi rka,


    I will send a Private message for discussing this further.


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    Thank you for your answer and providing me with a new licence code!

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    Hi rka,


    Glad I can help! Smiley Happy

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