Automatic Update to F-Secure IS 2012?


i have three pc´s with F-Secure IS running.

To machine i have updated F-Secure IS manuel to the Version 2012 when it release.


On the third manchine runs at this time F-Secure 2011... I thought, that F-Secure will update all the PC automatic to the latest version or "when" is the release for the automatic update?


Greetz Hexo


  • I guess it had to, but if didn't, download trial version and upgrade with it

  • Jari-P
    Jari-P Posts: 79 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Hexo,


    Im not sure is this what u mean, but F-Secure 2011 are still one of your computer and you wonder why it's not updated automaticly ?


    There will be channel upgrade 2011 to 2012, but it's not implemented yet. Your FSIS 2011 version are downloading latest antivirus updates as same as 2012 version, so there is no worries. However as you probably know that you can download and upgrade your 2011 to 2012 manually.


  • Hexo
    Hexo Posts: 240
    Ah ok. Now i understand. There will be a channel update what is not implemented curently. So i will wait with the manual upgrade on one machine until the automatic upgrade will come.
  • keiooz
    keiooz Posts: 41

    That is what I actually did. I downloaded and installed the trial version, then I upgraded it afterwards. Works well. Thanks.

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