One email address, Multiple serial key


Hi, I am having this weird problem, I cant add more serial keys under one account. I have 5 serial keys and I need to install it on 25 devices. The tech team mentioned that I need multiple emails to do this. Is there no better solution like Norton?




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    Hi JLDixon,


    The best way to check on this option is to open a support ticket with our Support team so that they can check on the possibility. Since you mentioned, you had already checked with the tech guys, they should be able to advise better on this if this is a possible option or not.

  • JLDixon
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    Their solution was to have many email addresses. I have 5 license for 5 users which means I would need 5 email addresses. I am purchasing additional 4 licenses. Which I assume an additional 4 email addresses.

    Are there no solutions like the Norton One?
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