Recent f-secure software upgrade has now caused a problem

On 26th Sept, had been requested to upgrade the latest software for F-Secure 2015, including an updated version for manual scanning and a compatiblility for windows 10...however.

Since this upgrade my f-secure window box produces a blank grey screen and can not access the options, apart from the launch pad only which do not allow the main settings, as well as the F-secure logo being invisible on the taskbar. Whether for using a windows vista system, the windows 10 compatibile upgrade has now caused access to the F-secure unable.


  • paulw
    paulw Posts: 5 New Member

    It requested to restart after the new update was installed, hence when the problem occurred. I even restarted the PC twice, to be sure....if uninstalling and reinstalling may help then I shall least try.

  • paulw
    paulw Posts: 5 New Member

    And, so, uninstalling and reinstalling had sorted the problem out.....why did I not think of that?


    It clearly needed to check what system compability for the software, after having a new update for a newer version.

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Glad it's sorted.  :)

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