How to use DNS Crypt with Freedome ?

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Hi all, I've been using DNS Crypt for a while now but it's not working when Freedom is ON. I made a dns leak test to show information. How is the DNS connection handled ? How should I proceed to make DNS crypt work with Freedome ? Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Sp0tted,


    Welcome to our Community! Regarding your question, let me check with our Experts and get back to you.

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    It sounds like you can't.


    The Freedome Software uses a specific DNS (perfect to avoid dns leak ) - you can test it here


    An option : Install openVpn , and don't use the software Freedome.

    Don't forget that DnsCrypt isn't the saffer way to protect your privacy :you use OpenDns (USA company). So you are under the Patriot Act!




  • Sp0tted
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    I've been using openVpn but I wanted to give a try to freedome.


    Ok too bad


    Well you can choose which dns server you want to use. In my case it wasn't openDNS


    Well Europe is not that good in privacy either ;-)



  • fredo-1
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    For Europe, it depends.


    Finland sounds perfect for privacy. Best to avoid UK, France and Belgium.


    Don't forget that you can use OpenVpn with Freedome. Not supported officially.

    Seriously, to picture it correctly, Freedome sounds to be a really good choice : DNS in Finland, no log. Dns Crypt, DNS in Usa, dns log?



  • Sp0tted
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    Well I'm in France so I know about the whole **bleep** happening here :)


    I would be interested in using openVPN. Any configuration file?


    Was using DNSCrypt in Holland, says it's non-logged, free and uncensored. ( But I'll trust Freedome. It's not just about privacy also about dns restriction in some areas like my school for example

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