VPN connection from Finland to Stockholm vs. Copenhagen - 10x speed difference

When I use my 100Mbps VPN connection from Finland via Stockholm I can get maximum 6MB/s but from Copenhagen 70Mbps.


This has been the same for two weeks now. Is Stockholm's VPN connection point overloaded and there is not enough capacity compared to Copenhagen?


  • protles
    protles Posts: 3 New Member
    same from Danmark to Stockholm extreme slow. Cant see SVT. Seems to be an old problem. Wonder if F-secure will solve that or no.
  • Actually today Stockholm's gateway is almost as fast than Copenhagen from Finland. Hopefully this level can be kept over time.

  • protles
    protles Posts: 3 New Member

    Doesnt work here:

    I have a 10 Mbit/s connection.

    Without VPN: down/up  8/0,9

    With Freedome on: Finland and UK 7,2/0,7 

    Stockholm 0,8/0,6

    This is not a solution

  • Today with 100Mbps connection 75/100Mbps from Stockholm was ~7/100Mbps yesterday and last two weeks.

  • protles
    protles Posts: 3 New Member

    Seems to work now: Denmark- Stockholm ok

    Thumbs up and hope it will continue

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