Sykipot Trojan

RusliRusli Posts: 999 Adventurer

Please update your IE and Adobe Reader before infections took place.


  • floggerflogger Posts: 35

    Is that site legit? I haven't heard of it before. US DoD was attached by this trojan by the way. 

  • RusliRusli Posts: 999 Adventurer

    Sounds like it. Legit? I think it is very real.


    This sounds more or a cyber warfare. The Red Army are hacking into their networks probably for espionage. As you would know DoD (Department of Defense) are pioneers of Internet Revolutions). Ever heard of the story of ARPANET or DARPA. 


    Ever saw their Space Shuttles are Reverse Engineer of US Original Space Shuttle? Even their stealth airplanes are similar that to the US ones. A direct replica of the US Technologies.






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