Freedome access local devices on broader netmask

jkstark Posts: 1 New Member

So, while Freedome allows me to access resources on my *local* network (in my case a /24 in the 192.168.x.x range), using Freedome in my environment is difficult, since I typically need to access resources in a much broader subnet.


For instance, assuming that my local network was, Freedome allows me to access all those addresses without difficulty.  However, if you also have routing through a gateway within the /24 to another /24 (or other range), Freedome will not allow you to access those resources.  Using the example range from above, I cannot access anything in the range, even though that routing is active on the gateway.


It would be ideal to be able to define the range of "local" addresses within Freedome somehow - for instance, be able to state that addresses in should be routed directly, and not via the Freedome VPN.


I know that for our business needs Freedome would not be a workable solution for any of our computers (including traveling laptops) for this very reason.  If we cannot define the local network, way too many resources would no longer be accessible to staff who need to get to them, even if the security of the machine would be improved, the cost in functionality is much too high.