Banking protection vs network printer in F-secure 2015

I saw in a previous thread from 2013 that some people had problems printing when in banking protection mode. Comments suggested the problem should be solved in 2014 version. Now I installed just a month ago, its version F-secure 16.0, and I have the same problem. I find no way to fix it either.


My second problem is that banking mode activates for all kinds of web sites, not only banks. Any advice how to avoid that problem?


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    HI Anor,


    Is your Network Printer getting disconnected when you have the Banking protection turned on? For the time being, the solution is to terminate the banking protection when you want to print by selecting the End button from the Banking protection flyer.


    Regarding your second issue, could you please post us a screenshot of the websites for which Banking Protection is tuned on (those not considered as bank websites)?

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     Watching F-secure search report I discovered being in banking protection mode. Tried to upload screen shot but not shure I succeded. I see the picture when adding it, but not in preview. Please give me an email if you cant view it.


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    Hi Anor,


    Are you able to see the banking protection bar when you try to look for the F-Secure seach items? When you upload the picture using the reply option > Insert/edit image > select the image > Insert image, your image will be inserted in the reply. Are you able to click on post after that?


    May be you can try to send a private message to me with your screenshot to check further.

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