Free F Secure Freedome for 3 Years on an offfer in Internet and I paid for one, What's wrong?

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I can understand that Freedome needs to free offer to promote Freedome Secure.

But I am of the dumbest client, I paid a license for 6 items for 1 year.

When I see, I can have free licence for 3 years for 3 years. Check this website !

It is in French (but can transtalte with Google) and it explains how to have Fsecure free for 3 years!

I think you have something to fix!



  • fredo-1
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    I forgot to tell you, I try to contact your support trhough Chat, but They explain me that's better to explain your issues on this forum!

  • annab
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    Hi fredo-1,


    From time to time we create special offers or product bundles.
    Just as seasonal high street sales, there is always then an issue for those who paid full or higher price during non-sales times. It is a matter of timing.

    That said, we very much appreciate your understanding and your business with us.


    Just to clarify the offer, it is for those customers who purchase our Safe product at full price and who, for a limited period, will be getting 12 months free usage of Freedome. Although some customers have found a way to acquire free vouchers through that offer, the vouchers and product use will be validated to comply with the offer.


    F-Secure Community Team

  • annab
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    Hi fredo-1,

    We understand that it may seem like a process issue but we do, in fact, have a validation process in place.


    Thanks so much for your feedback and correspondence with us! :)



  • fredo-1
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    So, If I get it, if you install the keys on a trial version, I just can use the products 30 days although the software shows 395 days (365 days + 30) days?


    To summarize, when Freedome trial version  shows me that :




    Can I use it for 10 years, or will they have a secund validation process after the trial version?


  • Laksh
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    Hi fredo-1,


    If you have activated your code in your Freedome product, it would have extended the subscription time. If the code is already activated/used on Freedome, you will not be asked to activate it again after the trial period.

  • fredo-1
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    So, you have got a problem in your validation process.


    I can have freedome for free for 10 years.


    The process validation doesn't work. Anyone can use the keys!

    I just need an account here after I generate keys here.


    Three keys by account, no mail verification (I can use a fake email)


    All the keys generated can work on a trial version. I will have the message with a trial version :


    Your subscription is extended 365 days!


    Do you undestand?

  • fredo-1
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    You should see this link



    Bunch of codes for Freedome for free!


    Is it normal?



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    Whats wrong with you kiddy ?! did the company seeking from you with force to pay em ?! you've paid with own "brain" and now you show anger on em ?! Theyre tolerating you to much i would kick your ass from there earlier you could imagine . They spare keys part time for reason of marketing and consumers seeking and bringin em to their company and this is right way to do it , use ur brain sometime get a promotonially key but for it you must seek over internet and follow their company , news and offers they bring for us . 


  • t5aref
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    Cood freedome
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