F-secure Safe and freedome campaign offer



I'm planning on purchasing F-secure SAFE (5 devices, 2 years) from a physical store here in Finland and I noticed that you are offering Freedome as a bonus for all who purchase SAFE. I was wondering if this also applies for purchases made outside your website (ie. physical stores)? And for that safe subscription will I get a similar subscription for freedome (5 devices, 2 years) or how does it work?




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    Hi jukkapoika1,


    Welcome to our F-Secure Community. That's an interesting one, let me find more details on your SAFE purchase question and get back to you.


    For your question regarding the subscription, if it is supported, you can generate as many codes as you have for the Safe seats. E.g. If your SAFE is for 3 devices, then you can generate 3 Freedome voucher codes. The Freedome code allows for a 1-year Freedome subscription, starting from day the code is activated.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi jukkapoika1,


    I checked with our team and this campaign is also applicable for Safe which is purchased through the physical store.

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