Freedome Mac OS X 10.10.5 won't launch

fijuhmon Posts: 2 New Member

Freedome won't launch on my Yosemite. When I try to launch it after installation, the program says it requires an admin password in order to proceed. After giving the password, Freedome crashes. This happens every time, also after I removed and re-installed Freedome. Any help?


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    Hi fijuhmon,


    Is there any error message before the Freedome application crashes? Has the installation completed successfully on your Mac machine and does it happen only when you launch the application in order to turn on?


    Could you share with us a screenshot of the screen which asks for password to launch?

  • fijuhmon
    fijuhmon Posts: 2 New Member



    This. The installation completed succesfullu and this pops up when trying to launch application. After which becomes following:



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