Falkenstein VPN Server no longer working for torrent downloading why??


I was useing that server for torrents and now all of a sudden it no longer works for torrents.

beens not working for over a week now.


I don't see that server added to this list.


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    Hi Holden93,


    I don't see that location in the list. However, there is a mention on the article that Freedome does not support BitTorrent on many of the gateway sites.


    "we are not able to support BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer file sharing applications on many of our gateway sites, which either reside within the United States, or are hosted by a company based in the US."


    Let me check on this to get more information.

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    I have the same problem, I kind of solved it by shortly disconnecting from the VPN and then reconnecting again. The problem with that method is, that it still has a sub-standard DL-Rate (~40kB/s) and it doesn't work all the time. One time I got it working to download in fullspeed, but I didn't do anything different than the last time I used the method. Additionally if I want to torrent over a VPN I surely don't want to send my 'identity' at all, even if it is just for a second.


    Edit: I forgot to say, that I didn't use the Falkenstein Server. I used the Warsaw(Poland) Server instead.

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