I can not activate the license

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I received 5 licenses FreeDome, because I have F-Secure SAFE 5 pack. Now I have actived one lisence in my Mac and I tried actived another license in PC Windows 10 laptop. During two weeks FreeDome tell to me that it can't check licenses and now today FreeDome tell that all licenses is used. How I can see and define which computers are use FreeDome?


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    Hi Ari_FI67,


    Do you see the message from Freedome on both your Mac and Windows 10 devices? What is the exact error message you under Freedome product in both your devices?


    If you go under subscriptions under Freedome, are you able to see your license status for the device?

  • Ari_FI67
    Ari_FI67 Posts: 2 New Member


    Freedome is OK in my Mac. But one question in first: I received one year free-license Freedome, because I have 5pack MySafe license; Is now Freedome license only (1) license or 5 licenses?

    I got installed Freedome to one Mac and one Windows 10 computer perfectly. Then I tried install to third/fourth computers - both failed. Then error message were that all licenses already are used.

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