Freedom in Mac OSX, multiple accounts problem


I've just installed Freedome to my MacBook Air, and noticed a weird behaviour when using multiple (two) user accounts.


When I'm logged as a user A, Freedome is acting just fine. When an another user (B) logs in user her credetials, Freedome doesn't start. It just does nothing.


If I (the user A) log out, and then the user B logs in, Freedome behaves just as one would predict, but then again, if I log in as a user A on the side, I don't get Freedome.


Is this single account behaviour a designed feature? If so, Freedome is unusable in our situation, and I would say, also unusable in most situations.


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    Hi AvaII,


    In this case, Freedome is running in User A account, user B will not be able to control the Freedome settings. Here, there is one admin account that can control the Freedome but others would not be able to.


    If you check your IP address in your User B account, this should be the IP address from the location set in Freedome in User A. We officially do not support multiple user accounts in Mac.


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