Few comments about F-secure KEY (OSX and iOS)


I am looking for an alternative for Lastpass and checked your product out. I have a few comments.


Faults in the OSX version:


- I have to choose between constantly writing the main password (by making the timeout between main password entering to 5 mins) and taking the risk that somebody with an access to my computer could at any time look at my passwords while I'm at the bathroom and forgotten to lock my computer. Lastpass does this so that it requires the user to enter the password again if the user wants to see a password.


Much more damage can be done by someone quickly peeking your password and then taking the time at his home to do what he wishes, than if the attacker needs to do what he wants to do while you're in the bathroom.


- Could the colouring be a bit more professional looking? It does not really look like an OSX application.


Faults in the iOS version:


- The keyboard on the password list view can't be hidden, so the "favourites" -button cannot be accessed if I accidentally click on the search field.

- The favourites -view is unnecessarily fancy and this fanciness is in conflict with usability, with too few choices to be favourited and too little information (2-5 letters?!) about each.

- I should be able to change the time how long it takes for the app to lock itself while in the background. I can on the OSX application, but not on the iOS app. If I use the singerprint scanner, there is no reason why it wouldn't lock itself immediately when the app goes on the background.




- Password synching could be done in p2p -style (see Bittorrent Sync), with no need for a server.

- The animation is fancy, but I'll have to wonder if this is the main focus point on this kind of application.